Thing 1

21 years ago today in Ottawa, Thing 1 was born. In 21 years she became this little force of nature that loves learning science, math and pretty much anything you throw at her, well except for cleaning. She’s the messiest 21 year old I know of but she’s the cutest and she is mine!


Last weekend when she partied with her posse.

Sarah, you were born a week ahead of schedule. I had just taken my maternity leave. Thought I would have a week to rest but no, you wanted out. Your father missed an opportunity to play at the Royal Ottawa Golf course, but no, you wanted out. It’s been that way ever since August 18th, 1995. When you make up your mind about something you dig in your heels, put your hands on your hips, argue, debate and then go for it. You have always been like that. School, sports, jobs, volunteer work, you name it, when you get an idea in your head it’s hard to change your mind. People say all the time, “Sarah is lucky!” I reply to them, “Yes Sarah is smart but she also works her butt off!” Everything you do, you do with gusto (except for cleaning…) and I love it. Don’t ever change. Daddy and I love you for it. I will see you tomorrow night at the airport. Better not be late! Je t’aime ma belle. À demain soir. XOXO



A little explanation for this video you are about to watch. When Thing 2 started boarding school in Canada and we had just moved to London, I missed the kids a lot. First time Peter and I were real empty nesters. I went through all our photos and made this video montage that I sent to the kids. I never showed it to anyone but that is about to change. You’re 21, why not? Bonne Fête Sarah Marie!



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