The Last Ten Days…

Were spent in sunny Quebec,celebrating Mackenzy and spending some lovely family quality time.

Graduation Weekend

Mac grad4

Happy to receive a Tankard!

We arrived in YUL ten days ago and immediately rented a van and started to focus on Mackenzy and his graduation. We drove to Lennoxville, Sarah and Peter in the van and myself in the car. The reason we needed an extra vehicle is Mac was not going back to BCS in the fall. This time, we had to empty the dorm room and bring four years of “High School Education Living”. We are talking, books, video games, clothes for 4 seasons, shoes, boots, etc. We left the rocking chair that had been purchased from a nun behind. We kindly donated it to McNaughton house where Mac was living. We filled that up before the ceremony. During the ceremony Mackenzy won several awards. Again, and as always, he made us very proud. He was also VERY happy that both families were in attendance. After the ceremony came the cocktail and the dinner and Peter and I were happy to go to bed at midnight. Thing and Thing 2 continued with the celebrations around Sherbrooke. All I know is they came back to the hotel safe and sound just before 4 am. Sunday morning, we were on the road by 9 am and back into Montreal by 11:00. We ran some errands and got ready for the arrival of the caterer and the families for the grad and birthday party we were hosting for Mackenzy. The food was amazing, the company was great, I ended up swimming in the rooftop pool in my clothes (I couldn’t find my bathing suit), it was lots of fun. All good things must come to an end and some of our guests had a long drive so everyone was gone by 9 pm and the beauty of a caterer is, someone does the cleaning for you. Therefore, 9 pm Sunday night we were able to watch Game of Thrones as a family and we were all happy with the demise of Lord Bolton, Bastard son!

Mac grad3

With Alya from the swim team.

Mac grad2

Happy Family!

Mac grad1

More swimmers and best buds!



The Rest of the Week

Monday morning after Mackenzy and I went to apply for his Quebec medical card, (as of September 1st, he will be a Quebec resident and he will need one). Then I drove him to Wilvaken, the summer camp where he will be a counselor all summer. While I was doing all this Peter was working at home. He had conference calls every day except for Friday. After that long drive to and from the Eastern townships I got to chill and spend some lovely time in Montreal with Peter, Sarah and my family.

Peter and I went to some lovely restaurants that we had been trying to get to for a while. We finally got to go to Park Restaurant and enjoy some amazing sushi. We went to Lémeac in Outrem0nt for some traditional French food and we had a lovely meal at Le Toqué.

We ran with Sarah and Monty in the morning. Running in Griffintown and Old Montreal was different and nice. And we also had great weather. Saturday’s long run (yesterday) was actually quite warm. Good thing we started at  7 am.

I went to take care of our garden. Sarah is doing a great job. It’s coming along nicely.

Mac grad9

I brought home some rhubarb.

Mac grad5

Kale and Cabbage anyone?

I got to visit my mom’s new place. She has a nice apartment in Châteauguay. Maman, tu trouves peut-être ton apart petit mais c’est super beau. Enjoy!

I was able to visit my dad with my sister and my mom.  My dad is not doing too well. I was happy to see him but I don’t think he recognized us and he was not talking much. Papa je t’aime et je pense souvent à toi.

I also spent St-Jean Baptiste day with family. Peter played golf with Ben and afterwards we went boating on Lac St-Louis.

I went to Poutine Fest with Sarah. Boy did I indulge there.

Mac grad8

Sarah had poutine with ribs.

Mac grad7Mac grad6

I had poutine with smoked meat.

I was also able to take care of some admin and maintenance. I got the matter over Mackenzy’s residency at Concordia resolved. Yes he is a Quebécois! Whether he likes it or not. I “enlisted” him in driver’s ed for the fall. He starts September 10th. Watch out Quebec drivers! And I had Sarah’s water heater at her condo changed.

All in all, a busy week in Montreal but a great week.


p.s. We watched the Brexit vote on CPAC and were shock to see the Leave side win. Peter and I had voted by post and we had voted to Remain. In terms of Peter’s job, we do not know how this affects us. This morning when we arrived at Heathrow it was a little chaotic at customs. Lines were long. We don’t know if it’s because of Brexit or just simply because it’s hectic on a Sunday morning. We never come back on Sunday morning. Good thing we are registered travelers, we just zoomed in that line and left the airport with our faithful driver Wasseem.