Big Weekend in Montreal

I know it’s been a while since I have written anything. I guess I was busy traveling and just doing my own thing here in the UK. Last weekend was another example of a whirlwind weekend.

Wednesday late afternoon Peter and I flew to YUL. Sarah picked us up around  8 pm drove us home and we basically checked a couple things and went to bed. After all, it was 3 am London time by the time we put our heads on our pillows.


Beautiful morning on Friday.

Thursday morning we were up around 5:20 am. I took the dog out for a walk, came back had coffee and when Sarah got up, the four of us went to run a 5 km. Peter and I are training for Médoc and we wanted to keep up with training and we also wanted to run Monty tired before bringing him to Sarah’s condo. We were going to be gone all day and we needed to make sure he would be tired.

We left Montreal around 9 am and headed for the eastern townships. There we watched the annual cadet review and Thing 2 received three awards. One for best instructor, one for MVP band member and one for 4 years of service. From 11:30 am till 3:30 pm the BCS No. 2 Cadet Corps, played, marched and got inspected. It started to rain around 1 pm and stopped raining at 3:30 pm. Just as the cadets marched back to the school to change out of their drenched uniforms. After Mackenzy changed we hit the road back towards Montreal. We had dinner with Nanny and Pappy in Montreal and then went home. We were tired and still cold from the day.


Mackenzy winning MVP Band member.


Mackenzy receiving his “Best Instructor” award from a WWII veteran.

Friday morning was rest day from running but that’s about the only thing we didn’t do. Peter went to run errands for me. Him and Mackenzy went to Costco, Réno Dépôt, Best Buy etc…you name it, then went and shopped. Meanwhile, I went grocery shopping and started cooking for a dinner party we were hosting for the Bouchard-Tanguay birthdays on Saturday night. Sarah and I also went to the SAQ to buy the much needed wine and booze. All this had to be done by noon since the blind guy was coming to install one last blind (that was not done properly back in March) and I was also meeting the catering guy for a party I am hosting in June and waiting for an Ikea delivery. Of course, once the Ikea boxes arrived, we had to get the tools out and put shit together. Thank goodness by that time Peter and Mackenzy had arrived. After all that we were all tired and called it a night.

Saturday morning we were suppose to run 7 miles but we only had time to do 4 miles. That’s okay, we managed. We are still slowly decorating the condo so we put up more stuff on the walls, and then Peter, Mackenzy and I went and had a nice visit with my dad at his new home. We returned to the city just in time to shower and get ready for our guests. We had a great time celebrating the birthdays for my sister and Ben. We toasted a lot, we played cards, we sang, it was all good fun.


Getting ready to eat.

Sunday morning after a nice breakfast at Coco Loco we all went to buy the plants for our community garden. We always open the garden on Queen Victoria Day weekend, this was no exception. While Thing 1, Thing 2, my niece Emilie and I planted the tomatoes, onions, kale, cucumber, zucchinis, beans, etc. Peter drove to Coteau du Lac to pick up yet another piece of furniture from Rustic Furniture Outlet. When he came back he and Mackenzy went to workout while Sarah and I went shopping. I had to return some clothes we had bought for my mom (too small) and pick up a book I had ordered. Everybody reconvened at home for 4 pm and we went to see the movie “Nice Guys”. It was a lot of fun.  When we got home we watched “Game of Thrones”. This was a treat for Peter and I since when it plays live in North America, we are in bed and we have to wait till Monday morning to watch it on (We stream it while having breakfast because we cannot make it through the day without looking at the news and finding out what has happened.)


With my helpers at the community garden. 

Monday usually is a rest day from running but since we were flying back to London that night and we knew we were not going to be in the mood to run upon arriving on Tuesday morning, we decided to go run our required 3 miles. After that we started to pack, take care of some last minute things for the kids before our return to the UK. Sarah and I went to have another visit with my dad. This time we brought Monty along. Monty and Grand-Papa have a close relationship. My dad did not recognize him per say but he knew he used to take him for walks and he talked about him running around the house. When Sarah was getting ready to take Monty to the car my dad wouldn’t let go of the lead. We had to pry it out of his hands, we thought he was going to have a fit but he eventually calmed down. Sarah and Mackenzy went to see “The Jungle Book” while Peter and I stayed at home and chilled. At 6 pm I drove Thing 2 to the bus that was taking him back to BCS and said goodbye to my boy. Sarah drove us to the airport at 7:30 pm and we flew out of YUL at 10 am. We were in business class so as soon as we boarded the plane, this Mama took her nyquil with her glass of champagne and said goodnight.

dad and monty

Monty and my dad.

Now we are back in cloudy 8 degrees celsius London. I already miss Thing 1 and Thing 2 and can’t wait to see them in 23 dodos.