Is the second stop on Peter Cooper’s magical mystery work tour.

We arrived late last night and as soon as we stepped out of the airport the humidity hit me and my hair started to curl up. I am convinced if Sarah were with us, she would look like this;

Sarah in Singapore

Nevertheless, Singapore is a very clean and very nice place to visit. Think of lots of construction, lots of new buildings and nice transportation to get everywhere. As an independent country, its only 60 years old. Easy to build lots of new stuff when you are that young of a country. It’s VERY humid and at the moment hot as well.

This morning I just left Peter at his office and started walking around. Took the MRT several times, got around to a few places. There are lots of underground malls and since I am not a big shopper I decided to come above ground to walk and see people. That meant walking under the mostly covered sidewalks in the heat.

As much as Sydney was a beautiful large city sitting on a harbor, it reminded me a little of Bermuda. 100 times larger of course and with a nice opera house by the water. But the ferries, the cruise ships, the buzz around the downtown area and the Rocks, it reminded me of Bermuda.

Singapore reminds me of Disney World for adults. Large roads, large malls, some rides but for big kids and everywhere you go, everything is clean and people speak 4 languages so they can easily give you directions.


Sarah would have to stop here.


Large sidewalks and avenues everywhere. 


Nonstop construction everywhere you look.


Covered sidewalks. You walk under cover and close to the stores. That way you get away from the sun and every once in a while you pass by a store with its doors open and the ac is cranked up. Little cooler this way.


The famous hotel with the boat on top. We are going there tonight after Peter’s work. I want to see the view from up there.


Some of the downtown.


The lake at Epcot…, I mean the lake in Singapore.



Interesting sculptures on Orchard Rd. 

We have one night remaining in Singapore. Tomorrow night we fly to Kuala Lumpur for the weekend. There we will meet Peter’s cousin, Reid, and go running with his local Hash Runner club.

But for now, it’s pool side for this Mama. Cheers!


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