Cyclists Dismount


A little rant this morning about cyclists who use Hyde Park every morning.

I usually have no problems with cyclists going through Hyde Park but lately with the construction of the cycle superhighway, CYCLISTS ARE A PAIN THE ASS!!!!

Please read the signs!!!!! You are NOT suppose to use sidewalks. Those are for pedestrians and runners only. I wish there was a cop to actually give you tickets.




Soon you will have your own East-West Cycle Superhighway. Till then, stay off my running path. If you see a woman yelling at you between the hours of 7 and 8 am or heck anytime I walk through the park, yell at you to dismount. It’s me. Get the hell off your bike or go around on the other cycle path and go North from Hyde Park corner to Marble Arch. Ignoring simple rules is the reason why cyclists have a bad reputation.



You are suppose to use carriageway, i.e. THE ROAD!!!!!! I think cyclists are a bunch of illiterates.


My council tax money at work just for cyclists. The least they can do is pay attention and dismount where they have to.


End of my rant!

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