What to Pack?


Peter has a business trip to Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. He goes several times a year and until now I have never been.

A couple months ago he announced he was going again. This time I said “I’m going with!”.

Since I wasn’t going to fly there in coach while Daddy is in business or first class, I shopped around for the best airfare in business and found a ticket for £4300. That’s correct, I could have bought a car in Canada for what I paid for my airfare but “c’est la vie!”.

I’m super excited. We leave tomorrow night. We will be gone for two weeks and the question today is, “What do I pack?” I know it’s fall in Sydney but it’s still on average 20 degrees Celsius. An average of 25 degrees in Hong Kong and it’s 32 degrees (feels like 39) in Singapore. Oh and yes, I forgot to mention we are going to visit Peter’s cousin in Kuala Lumpur where and it’s something like 38 degrees feels like 44! OUCH!

We will be gone for 2 weeks. We will run, we will kayak, we will hike and oh yes, Peter does have to work (bummer for him). So we have running shoes, boat shoes, work shoes and I have some pretty sandals to show off my purple toe nails. I don’t know, we have two large bags, one carry on, plus a backpack each. In those we have our clothes, our camelbacks, a water bottle each, the camera, some airborne for the flights, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, computers, kindle, tablets etc.. Should I bring the small travel first aid kit? Is that too much? Am I forgetting anything? oh yeah, passports.

Hasta luego!






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