Is the second stop on Peter Cooper’s magical mystery work tour.

We arrived late last night and as soon as we stepped out of the airport the humidity hit me and my hair started to curl up. I am convinced if Sarah were with us, she would look like this;

Sarah in Singapore

Nevertheless, Singapore is a very clean and very nice place to visit. Think of lots of construction, lots of new buildings and nice transportation to get everywhere. As an independent country, its only 60 years old. Easy to build lots of new stuff when you are that young of a country. It’s VERY humid and at the moment hot as well.

This morning I just left Peter at his office and started walking around. Took the MRT several times, got around to a few places. There are lots of underground malls and since I am not a big shopper I decided to come above ground to walk and see people. That meant walking under the mostly covered sidewalks in the heat.

As much as Sydney was a beautiful large city sitting on a harbor, it reminded me a little of Bermuda. 100 times larger of course and with a nice opera house by the water. But the ferries, the cruise ships, the buzz around the downtown area and the Rocks, it reminded me of Bermuda.

Singapore reminds me of Disney World for adults. Large roads, large malls, some rides but for big kids and everywhere you go, everything is clean and people speak 4 languages so they can easily give you directions.


Sarah would have to stop here.


Large sidewalks and avenues everywhere. 


Nonstop construction everywhere you look.


Covered sidewalks. You walk under cover and close to the stores. That way you get away from the sun and every once in a while you pass by a store with its doors open and the ac is cranked up. Little cooler this way.


The famous hotel with the boat on top. We are going there tonight after Peter’s work. I want to see the view from up there.


Some of the downtown.


The lake at Epcot…, I mean the lake in Singapore.



Interesting sculptures on Orchard Rd. 

We have one night remaining in Singapore. Tomorrow night we fly to Kuala Lumpur for the weekend. There we will meet Peter’s cousin, Reid, and go running with his local Hash Runner club.

But for now, it’s pool side for this Mama. Cheers!


Cyclists Dismount


A little rant this morning about cyclists who use Hyde Park every morning.

I usually have no problems with cyclists going through Hyde Park but lately with the construction of the cycle superhighway, CYCLISTS ARE A PAIN THE ASS!!!!

Please read the signs!!!!! You are NOT suppose to use sidewalks. Those are for pedestrians and runners only. I wish there was a cop to actually give you tickets.




Soon you will have your own East-West Cycle Superhighway. Till then, stay off my running path. If you see a woman yelling at you between the hours of 7 and 8 am or heck anytime I walk through the park, yell at you to dismount. It’s me. Get the hell off your bike or go around on the other cycle path and go North from Hyde Park corner to Marble Arch. Ignoring simple rules is the reason why cyclists have a bad reputation.



You are suppose to use carriageway, i.e. THE ROAD!!!!!! I think cyclists are a bunch of illiterates.


My council tax money at work just for cyclists. The least they can do is pay attention and dismount where they have to.


End of my rant!

What to Pack?


Peter has a business trip to Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. He goes several times a year and until now I have never been.

A couple months ago he announced he was going again. This time I said “I’m going with!”.

Since I wasn’t going to fly there in coach while Daddy is in business or first class, I shopped around for the best airfare in business and found a ticket for £4300. That’s correct, I could have bought a car in Canada for what I paid for my airfare but “c’est la vie!”.

I’m super excited. We leave tomorrow night. We will be gone for two weeks and the question today is, “What do I pack?” I know it’s fall in Sydney but it’s still on average 20 degrees Celsius. An average of 25 degrees in Hong Kong and it’s 32 degrees (feels like 39) in Singapore. Oh and yes, I forgot to mention we are going to visit Peter’s cousin in Kuala Lumpur where and it’s something like 38 degrees feels like 44! OUCH!

We will be gone for 2 weeks. We will run, we will kayak, we will hike and oh yes, Peter does have to work (bummer for him). So we have running shoes, boat shoes, work shoes and I have some pretty sandals to show off my purple toe nails. I don’t know, we have two large bags, one carry on, plus a backpack each. In those we have our clothes, our camelbacks, a water bottle each, the camera, some airborne for the flights, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, computers, kindle, tablets etc.. Should I bring the small travel first aid kit? Is that too much? Am I forgetting anything? oh yeah, passports.

Hasta luego!






It’s Official!

We are running le Médoc on September 10th, 2016. And by “we” I mean Peter and I, along with some of his co-workers. We entered the race in the “corporate challenge” category. The challenge for us will be to keep all 10 participants from getting swept by the sweepers at the end of the line.


Le Marathon du Médoc is named the longest marathon in the world. You get 6 1/2 hours to run it but there are 17 wine tastings along the way, oysters at mile 23, pork tenderloin at mile 24.5 and cheese somewhere along the way. It is wine drinkers with a running problem or runners with a drinking problem, it will be fun, it will be awesome and I can’t wait to check this off my bucket list.

Voici le parcours de 2015. Celui de 2016 est un peu différent mais pas énormément. Génial!


Le thème pour les costumes cette année est “Contes et Légendes”. J’ai bien hâte de voir ce que l’équipe va vouloir faire comme déguisement…

Peter et moi avons déjà commençés à s’entraîner dans Hyde Park mais l’entraînement officiel débute le 9 mai! Woohoo!!!!

Vive la France! Vive le vin!