Admin Day

As a mama we all have admin days. As a Canadian Mama living in UK while her kids are in Canada, my admin days consist of booking airfare for Thing 1 and Thing 2, scanning medical forms, paying bills for condos in Montreal, paying tuition etc….


We were in Montreal for a month and when I am in town that’s when we usually do “personal” maintenance for everyone. Dentist, Doctors, Optometrist etc…. Since Peter’s insurance is still through Colonial in Bermuda, we have to pay for services upfront and then I spend a couple hours sorting through documents, scanning them and sending them to my friend Caroline at Colonial. Caroline is awesome, she never gives me a hard time. She is efficient at processing my claims and has our money deposited to our account in UK.

So this morning I spend the better part of an hour doing just putting documents together, scanning them and attaching them to emails sent to Caroline. I had loads of documents. Sarah went to dentist a couple times, had her wisdom teeth extracted. I went to dentist and so did Mac. Peter went to optometrist, he’s been going to physio here in UK and if I could send Caroline the vet bills from Monty’s three visits I would but sadly he is not covered by colonial.

Now on to paying Montreal bills…

Side Note:

Thing 2 received an email from Concordia University on Tuesday morning. They explained to him that the competition the Creative Writing Program was fierce and he didn’t get in but would he consider English Lit with Honors. He replied right away and said he would. Later that day he received an email stating he had been accepted. He accepted the offer and now we are in the process of applying for residence for his first year. So PROUD OF HIM! Go Mac Go!

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