Les Lundis de Londres

Après avoir passé un mois à Montréal je suis de retour à Londres.


The month of March started with me taking care of Sarah after she had her wisdom teeth extracted. Poor Thing 1, on the third day after the extraction here she was, swollen jaw and on pain killers at the notary signing our mortgage on behalf of Peter. Back in December we had POAs drawn up to give the kids the right to sign on our behalf when we are not in Montreal. Well on March 2nd, Thing 1 found out what it was to sign for a new house. About an hour into the process the notary stepped out and Sarah a.k.a. the Godfather looked at me and said “how much longer? and did you bring my drugs?” I handed her some pain meds and she sat there listening to the French notary for the next 30 minutes. She just wanted to sign and get home.

Après avoir obtenu mes nouvelles clés j’ai commençé le long processus du déménagement. Certains meubles, articles de décorations et nos vêtements devaient être déménagés de l’ancien condo au nouveau condo. A tous les jours je remplissais la voiture et faisait la navette entre les deux endroits. Pendant ce temps là j’avais aussi un homme à tout faire qui peinturait, installait mes fixtures et mon “backsplash”.

Practically every day I had a delivery of something. The custom made sectional came from Item in Montreal. The custom made dining table and master bedroom bed came from Woodcraft in Ontario and bits and pieces were delivered from Ikea at the old and new condo. I had to go to light store and make a scene about getting my fixtures on time. They had made a mistake on my order and it was back ordered. After some back and forth I came out of there with one floor model and I think someone else’s order. The other client could wait another week, I couldn’t. Then there was the problem with the custom made closets. The carpenter who was doing them had no idea I was on a timeline. He finally came last Wednesday and finished them Thursday morning. The custom made curtains and blinds were all installed but one. Problem with the measurement on one of the doors and he will have to come back in two weeks. Sarah will have to let him in.

J’ai été chercher Thing 2 à l’école vendredi le 11 mars. Il avait son concert du printemps et après le concert il commençait ses vacances…en fait, après son concert il devenait mon esclave.

Thing 2 was my slave for 2 weeks. Moving stuff for me. Assembling Ikea furniture with me. There were funny moments when we were having Deadpool moments. Sarah also had one of those with me on a Friday night when we finished assembling her bed at midnight. Mac hit me on the middle finger with the hammer. He heard me swear in French. Lots of work and sweat but also lots of laughter.

Peter est arrivé le 18 mars. Le 19 nous sommes allés voir probablement la dernière compétition de natation de la carrière de Thing 2. Après le retour à la maison on a tous les quatre emménagés dans le nouveau condo. Tranquillement pas vite on a installés des peintures, bouger des meubles, achetés d’autres meubles, etc…

For the moment the place is pretty much done. We just need more paintings for the walls, shelving here and there but we will take our time, look around, shop around, no rush. We are looking forward to Cadet weekend in May when we will be able to just enjoy the place, enjoy the city and hopefully the rooftop pool will be finished and we can go for a swim!

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