Lovely Morning for a Walk

Back in October I joined a group of ladies who like to hike in and around London. Usually we meet at a train station, take a train to the countryside, hike, go to a pub for lunch and come back.

Two days ago I received an email from our leader, Emine, explaining that she had a bad back and she wanted to do a local walk around the Regents canals. I looked at the weather forecast. Forecast was great so I signed up.


I want to go kayaking!


Gorgeous morning.


Never knew this area existed.


All these boats with people living on them and also we saw some offices on some of them. 



This is where you come to hire a canoe or paddle board. 


Beginning of the canal, just above Hyde park. Who knew?

We met at Hyde Park corner, crossed Hyde park heading north and eventually we were at the beginning of the Regent canal. I am always amazed with how different London can be from one borough to another. We walked along the canal, all the way to Regents park. We walked through the park to Marlybone High St. There we stopped for a coffee break at La Fromagerie (excellent little café). After leaving La Fromagerie  we walked to Oxford Street. This is where I left the group. They were heading to walk around Green park and eventually loop back to Hyde park corner but I had to get back home. I am hosting book club tonight and I have some cleaning to do.

Lovely morning, it was nice to see some blue skies and to find this new area to explore.

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