We Made It!

We are finally here. After months of preparation for this trip, we have finally arrived. I must admit at the airport it was a little subdued. Not much talking, no smiling to the customs officer. We arrived at the same time as a Turkish airlines flight and let me tell you, the young men were being taken one by one somewhere private where I imagine authorities have a closer look at their passports/visas and paperwork.

Of course, us Canadians, with our great passports and new visas, we were allowed in, no problemo. No smile, but we were allowed in.

I had arranged for an airport transfer and as soon as we stepped out of the baggage claim area we were greeted by a sign with “Peter Cooper”. He took us to his nice Toyota Highlander and off we went in the direction of downtown St. Petersburg. Took about 35 minutes so the airport is somewhat out of the center of town.

Funny thing, we left at 9:30 am London time, were in the air for a little over two hours and with the three hour time difference, we arrived just in time to check in, change a bit (get the mitts and hats out, it’s -6 degrees) and get going for our dinner reservation.

Had a nice Russian dinner at the Russia Vodka Room. Also had to taste some vodka. I just found out Mackenzy likes vodka….maybe he has some Russian blood? He is never cold, he likes literature and loves vodka. Things are starting to add up.

After dinner we just tried to get our bearings by going for a nice walk around the city center. I leave you with some of the pictures I took.

A little video of the square across from the Hermitage Museum.












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