It’s Official!

We picked up our visas today and we are going to St. Petersburg for New Year!

Last Sunday when Mackenzy and I arrived back in London the four of us went to get our visa photos taken. The man in the store was really loud and asked, “which country?” When I replied the pictures were to get into Russia he repeated loud enough for Sarah to hear. At that moment the kids found out their BIG Xmas gift. A trip to St. Petersburg. Well, that was if we got the visas…

Monday morning the Cooper family left the house at 7:30 am and made their way to the Russian Visa application office. We arrived at 8:15 am and got in line with the rest of the people who were waiting. After a security check to enter the office we took a number and patiently waited for our turn. One after the other we met with the “baboushka” and signed the forms. We left our passports, our new photos and paid extra to get the overnight service. Thank goodness the flights are on points!

This afternoon Sarah and I made our way back to the visa office and found out we were allowed into the country. Woohoo!!!!

Can’t wait to go! First, Christmas. Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a good night!


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