A YUL Update

Peter and I have been in Montreal for a week and we have been busy.

Last Saturday, we met the Cooper clan and attended a very good BCS Christmas concert. We got to hear Thing 2 play his trumpet and sing his little heart out.

Sunday night we had our Christmas dinner in St. Lazare with the Bouchards. We exchange gifts, ate lots and got merry. My brother Louis cooked us a wonderful dinner. Thanks Bro!

Monday and Tuesday we ran errands, visited some friends, worked out at the MAA, spent some time with Sarah and just enjoyed our city. Speaking of Sarah, she is in major study for your finals mode. She is living like a hermit. I take all technology away from her all day and she gets phone access once a day for about an hour. The other night when Peter was watching a clip from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon we heard her mutter, “haaaa Jimmy. I really miss him.” I told her not to worry, he would still be there on December 18th when she comes out of hiding.

Wednesday night Peter went to the Habs vs. Boston game with his dad. Too bad they lost but what can you do? I hear it was still a great night for the two of them. While they were at the game Nanny and I went for a walk and dinner in Old Montreal. Lovely evening for all.

Thursday was more of a relaxing day. Couple more errands and one last dinner with my brother before he left town. He was leaving at the crack of dawn this morning.

Our week is coming to an end. Peter returns to London on Saturday night. Today we got a glimpse of condo #2 that is almost done. Let me tell you, the views will be pretty nice.


The view from our bedroom.


View from dinning room.


Kitchen is almost done.


View from living room.

We can’t wait to take possession in February/March.

Tomorrow we will drive to Mackenzy’s school to watch swim in his last swim meet of the year. Looking forward to see him in action in the pool.

My Dad

Many of you have asked how my dad is doing. Physically he is doing better. He is strong and will get stronger as soon as he gets to eat solids. I was there yesterday and he keeps on pulling his feeding tube out, so that’s an issue…apparently the site is getting quite raw…but I think as soon as he starts to eat some real food he will be up and walking for long walks in no time. Unfortunately he has lost a lot of his memories. He speaks (and swears) very well. Both in French and in English but still doesn’t remember any of us. He is confused most days. Talks about a lot of stuff we don’t understand but every so often there is a clear sentence, or he recognizes you for a minute of two, so there is hope. I am here for another week. I will keep you up to date on his health.