I have been asking Peter for about a year to come to Liverpool to do a “Beatles” weekend but we never had time to do so. When Peter told me that his next actuarial conference was to be in Liverpool and asked me if I wanted to go I simply said “Hell Yeah”. I knew I had to put up with 3 evenings with actuaries who cannot stop talking business, (honestly when they talk I feel like the adults in the Charlie Brown movies, whan, whanwhan, whan), but I figured that was a small price to pay to go see where the Fab Four were born and where they began toplay.

Tuesday night we arrived at our very cool Hard Days Night Hotel and took it all in. There are pictures of the Beatles everywhere and their music can be heard in every single room. Love it. We quickly checked in and changed. We were having dinner with a colleague of Peter at a restaurant called “The Art School”. Great food, lovely wine pairings on the tasting menu. Nice evening NOT discussing business.

Wednesday morning Peter had to go the conference so after a quick breakfast we parted ways and I started exploring Liverpool. Nice place by the way. Very clean and friendly people. The old red brick factories and warehouses from the docks reminded me of the mill yard in Manchester, NH.


Just like the Pont d’Archêvé in Paris they have the locks of love.


Albert Dock


The Yellow Submarine. Beside it on the left is a much smaller version of the Titanic.


Entrance to Albert Dock

I just walked around the city, took in all the sites and also did a little shopping at several Beatles stores.

Early Wednesday evening Peter and I met back at hotel to change and then head over to a dinner back at the conference center. The theme of this dinner was “The Fair”. We had fair food, and you could go on bumper cars and play fair games. After a quick bit to eat Peter and I made a quick exit straight for the Cavern where we sat drinking pints and singing with the rest of the crowd. The singer was quite good singing tunes from the Beatles, The Ronnets, Fleetwood Mac and even some Elvis Prestley. Great evening, much better than bumper cars.







Thursday morning I went to the Tate in the morning and then I took in the Magical Mystery Tour in the afternoon. The Magical Mystery tour is all about the Fab Four. Where they were born, where they met, where they went to school etc….Two hours of fun facts about the Beatles and Liverpool. The tour ends at The Cavern where I went on a small shopping spree.


We learned all about the lyrics of Penny Lane and how the song was written while John and Paul waited for the bus at a round about where Penny Lane goes into.


Where George Harrison grew up. Six people lived in this tiny council house.


We then stopped at the famous Strawberry Fields gate.


“Strawberry Fields Forever!”


Quick drive by John’s house where he lived with his aunt Mimi.


One of our last stops was at Paul’s house. This is said to be the most famous house of Rock n’Roll since this is the house where the band rehearsed and this is where 100 Beatles songs were written, 20 of them became #1 hits. You can visit the house with a National Trust tour but you must get your tickets about a year in advance since it’s only opened certain times of the year.

Thursday night we had a black tie dinner to attend. That meant a suit for Peter and a dress for me. The theme of the night was “Dancing with the Stars”. We had a nice dinner, the actuaries started to talk shop again, blah, blah, blah. Peter and I made our exit when the professional dancers started ballroom dancing. Watching ballroom dancing is NOT our thing.

Friday morning Peter had one last morning of conferences. I just chilled, read some more stuff about the Beatles and just went to meet Peter for lunch around 1:30 pm.

let it be1

let it be3

let it be2

Last night, Peter and I finished our Liverpool Beatles night by going to see the musical “Let it Be” right in Liverpool. The show was actually only in Liverpool from October 8th till Nov. 14th. How lucky are we?

Dinner and a show was £40 each. It was very cool. Especially watching these guys sing Beatles songs exactly where the Fab four started. The crowd was fun. Singing, and dancing to all the songs. LOADS OF FUN. Great way to finish our week.

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