Ockley to Warnham

I recently joined the Kensington & Chelsea Women’s Club, a.k.a. the KCW. I joined because of all the different activities they offer especially, hiking. Today was my first hike with this great group of ladies.

We met at Victoria station and took a train an hour out of the city to Ockley. We then proceeded to walk five miles through the English country side. Of course, we stopped at a pub for lunch. After lunch, we hiked another six miles to Warnham. By the time we got in the train to get back to London I was pooped. I could feel the jet lag coming back in my legs.

I brought my camera and took some pictures along the way. Beautiful day for a hike.


Clock tower on our way to Warnham. It was erected in 1891.


Wouldn’t be a hike in England without some sheep.


The Pub where we stopped for lunch.


This swing was just hanging by a field. A few of us just went back to our childhood for a moment…



Old country church built in 1290.



Climbing the many fences along the trail.




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