LHR to ORD, ORD to YUL, YUL to LHR (All in a week!)

Last Monday morning I left for Chicago. I was meeting two of my Bermuda floaties. Floatie #1 has moved back to her hometown of Chicago and floatie #2 was meeting us. Floatie # 2 got delayed due to a disturbance called Joaquin but she managed to join us a day late.


Monday I got picked up by Amy and Rick at O’Hare. I was a little tired but I’m a trooper so I pushed on by visiting Amy’s LOVELY new house while drinking a nice glass of red with Rick. Amy and Rick are silent partners in a vineyard in Napa. It produces a very nice wine called Comstock. If you ever see it on a wine list, I recommend it. It was nice to catch up with them, the kids and see their house. They did an amazing job on the addition and renovations. I hit the hay around 9:30 pm Chicago time (3:30 am London time), I was exhausted and Amy’s bed was HUGE and quite comfortable.

Early Tuesday morning I was jet lagged and up around 5:45 am. Amy was already up getting the lunches ready for the kids. I had coffee and chatted with the Irvine family while they were busy getting ready for their day. Rick had business in Philly for the day. He had a car pick him up and we said our goodbyes. Soon after, the kids were off to school and Amy and I were hitting the pavement for a nice 4 1/2 miles. It was very cool to run the flat course of Amy’s Arlington Heights. Pretty area with large trees, wide sidewalks and people who say hi to you as you run pass them. Refreshing!

After our run we took a quick shower and headed to a local dinner for breakfast. When Amy and I lived on the Rock we used to run at the crack of dawn (before the humidity got too bad), drop off our kids at their respective schools and then meet at our favorite dinner, Specialty Inn. It was nice to redo this little routine with her. After breakfast we hit target for a recon mission…before Lorrie’s arrival.

We picked up Lorrie from the airport and after some quick catching up we were off to help the American economy at Target. I LOVE TARGET in the States. After Target it was back to the house with take out Chinese food and wine. We did some more catching up by the fireplace. Nice evening.




My floaties.


Wrigley building.


Awesome bloody Mary while we wait for the architectural tour. 


Trump tower.


River walk.


Wednesday morning after the kids left for school Amy drove us to Chicago where we would take a boat/architectural tour, do some shopping, have the best pie (pizza) in the world and watch the Cubs win the wildcard game and advance to the playoffs. We stayed the night in a hotel downtown not far from the magnificent mile and had a great day.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and Thursday at noon Amy and I said goodbye to Lorrie at the train station. Lorrie was off to visit another friend in Milwaukee. And then Amy drove me back to O’Hare. I was on my way to Montreal to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with family.

Peter met me at the airport on Thursday night. He arrived from London about an hour after I arrived from Chicago. Thing 1 picked us up at the Trudeau and off we went for another weekend of spending some time with the kids and extended families. Great weekend and now we are back in London. Peter is back at work and I am back at doing what it is I do…

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