Back After 19 Days

Has it been 19 days?  How time flies when you are enjoying yourself. 
Sure the second week of my stay with Thing 1 and Thing 2 was also full of repairs. …got the car fixed, the dishwasher fixed and when we came home from the cottage I had to get the dog fixed. Poor Monty had too much fun in the woods and got a rash of something.  I had to go to the vet on Tuesday and get that sorted out.

Aside from all that it was pretty good.  Spent loads of time with the kids. Baked for them, shopped for them, went running with Thing 1 and swimming with Thing 2.

Saw “The Minions movie” and “Inside Out” with the boy who had been in the woods for 9 weeks.  Then he saw “Ant Man” and “Mission Impossible” with Big and the entire family went to see “Straight out of Compton”. Yes, I guess you could say this Cooper family loves their movie time. 

When Daddy got home we went to the cottage for the usual “Labour Weekend Birthday Extravangannnnnnza”. This year we went upscale by taking a very nice dinner cruise on Lake Memphremagog.  The food was very good,  the live band excellent and the weather was perfect.  The sky was full of stars.  Lovely evening that we finished off by doing a B52 shot with Nanny.  Yes the Nanny shot has also become a Labour Day weekend extravangannnnnnza tradition.  During the weekend there was also lots of swimming as well as the usual visit to the Brome fair. 

Sadly, all good things must come to an end.  We had to drive Thing 2 to boarding school yesterday.  After setting his room up and buying yet another pair of Dock Martins (we threw out the other ones at the end of the school year, they were gross) and buying a fan at the local hardware store we left. We left him and he was practically running out the door to the student center to see his friends.  Senior year! Can’t believe next September I will have two kids in University.

Last night, Sarah drove us to the airport after one last dinner with her.  At the moment I am on the BA flight taking me back to London. The pilot just announced our descent into Heathrow.  Must turn off all communication.  19 days is too short.  Can’t wait for Canadian Thanksgiving. 

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