Throwback Thursday – Big’s Playlist


In our house Peter is the big music lover. Don’t get me wrong, I love music as much as the next person but in the music department Peter has always been the true “connaisseur”.

A couple of months ago, after one of our many road trips where radio stations were useless (we were listening to commercials more than anything), Peter took it upon himself to sit down and add to our already pretty big Itunes playlist.

We already had quite a nice list of music since we share our music with Sarah on an Itunes household account and she takes after her Daddy, she loves her music and buys a lot of it. But Peter dug deep and went back in time. Peter remembered all the records he used to own, and let me tell you, he use to own a few. Peter use to spend a big chunk of his budget on records. Ask our niece Isabelle, she is now the owner of most of them.

As I was saying he went back in time and aside from his favorite bands, U2, The Cure, The Cult, INXS, anything from the 80s really, he bought more Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Rod Stewart, Styx, Depeche Mode, Fine Young Cannibals, Level 42, Crowded House, ELO, Guns & Roses, OMD,  and more. His picks must have been pretty good since we received a phone call from Sarah saying “wow, you guys bought some good music lately. That “Stairway to Heaven” song is really good!” Duh! Young people today, don’t they know it’s the best make out song ever!?

So lately I have been running and working out to a kick ass playlist. Here are my top five:

This one really helps to run. Don’t know why it just does.

This one is just awesome.

The beat on that one helps with the running.

When I listen to this one I think of Thing 1 and Thing 2.

and of course nothing can help you get up a hill like this one.

Ahhhhhh, all these take me back to Crescent street in 1986…good times!

What is on your playlist? Your top five?

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