The Book of Mormon and Living Behind Jesus


When one lives behind the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints one cannot stop from hearing the question “Do you know about the book of Mormon?”

Lately the boys with white shirts and black pants have been parked in front of the Church by our mews and every time I go out to run, go to the gym, do some grocery shopping etc…doesn’t matter where I am going there are two guys parked on the corner trying to sell the great book.

Yesterday I had a good chuckle because as I was walking in front of the Mormon officials (let’s call them that), and they were asking a passerby if he knew about the Book of Mormon? to which he replied, “Yes of course, I saw the musical the other night and it was very funny!” They looked a little stunned and replied, “Well, this is the REAL Book of Mormon….” before I could hear anything else from that exchange I was already gone. When you walk by the officials it’s a brisk pace and keep your head down. Avoid all eye contact or else you will have a discussion with one of the officials about their book. Of course, if you want to discuss the book, by all means, go ahead, talk to the boys, maybe you can even go inside, there is a 20 minute video about the savior…(Mackenzy wanted to go in when he was on break but I was afraid to let him go in there. Maybe he would never return? or worst, he would come out wearing black pants, a white shirt with a pocket for his pens.)

I must say, the big Jesus statue is handy when it comes to giving directions to get to our house. Usually when someone asks me “How do I get to your house?” depending where they are coming from I reply, “take a right at the Jesus and then a quick right and a quick left, can’t miss us.” Or when I am coming home in a black cab and the cabby is looking for our street I just point to the Jesus and tell him we live behind him.

Is this bad of me? Using Jesus to give directions? Am I going to hell?

Oh what the heck. Who am I kidding? I am already going down to hell. When Mackenzy was 3 years old and we were waiting for Sarah to come our of school, I’m the one who let him pee on the front lawn of St. Catherine school in Manchester, NH. Right under the watchful eye of Sister Janet who was staring at us from her office. I figure since then, it’s all down hill for me…..”Yes Mr Cabby, right behind Jesus please.”

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