Throwback Thursday and More

I am packing for our trip to the South of France tomorrow. Little weekend with my brother and his wife on the Mediterranean and some of Peter’s colleagues. As I am packing I have this song in my headĀ from an old Air Canada commercial, “Mon bikini ma brosse a dent…”.

Should be a fun weekend with lots of sun.

Canada Day in London

This year there were no major celebrations in London. No party at Trafalgar square in front of Canada house. No beaver tails, no pancakes with maple syrup, NOTHING. It’s austerity time and the Canadian government is cutting back. Still, Canada Day fell on a Wednesday and for a bunch of us Canadian women that means one thing, a good walk in Regent’s Park followed by coffee and a lively conversation. Yesterday was a gorgeous and hot morning in London and eight of us showed up to walk and talk smack about Canada. When we got to the Rose Garden I couldn’t help taking pictures. That part of the park is in bloom and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Regent's Park4

Regent's Park3

Regent's Park2

Regent's Park1

Regent's Park

During our conversation over coffee many of us started talking about our recent experiences with regards to law enforcement. You have to understand, until recently (Charlie Hebdo shooting), police in UK did not carry guns. Now they carry machine guns! BBC reported that ISIS had threaten to bomb something during Wimbledon. Wimbledon as you can imagine is huge here. Clubs such as this one in front of South Ken tube station have transformed themselves into places where you can go have a pint and watch tennis. Pretty soon there will be jumbotrons all over the city in order for people to watch tennis.

Regent's Park5

But because of ISIS, police officers are being cautious and there seem to be more of them walking the beat while armed. Some are doing random evacuation drills here and there. Just as a precaution. During our book club meeting at the French institute on Monday, two armed officers walked in and asked the front desk lady if everything was okay? The French institute is attached to the French Embassy. They were just checking and making sure everything was safe. Many women have been experiencing the same thing all over the city. It’s great that law enforcement is being proactive but as for me, it really makes me look around on the bus or tube and wonder who I’m really sitting with?