Throwback Thursday

Two weeks ago Peter and I were flying from Bermuda to Montreal to eventually meet up with Sarah and Mackenzy in order to celebrate Mackenzy’s 11th grade graduation.

Probably 98% of students in Quebec graduate after their 11th grade and go on to two years of CEGEP (College d’Education General et Professionel) and then a 3 year Bachelor’s degree. When you attend a private school such as BCS, many times you have the option to stay on and do a 12th grade and then go straight into a 4 year Bachelor’s degree. You bypass the 2 years of CEGEP. In the end, it’s the same amount of ”years” to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. Since he will do his 12th grade (like Sarah did), this was a small graduation…a practice run for next year. But it was fun nevertheless.

Of course Fujimoto Mama was on hand to take some photos. Sarah helped too.

Mackenzy Graduation 2015 001

The procession coming out of school. 11th grade in white, 12th grade in purple.

Mackenzy Graduation 2015 004

Looking ahead to next year…

Mackenzy Graduation 2015 012

Getting his Honor Roll medal for obtaining more than 85% average all year.

Mackenzy Graduation 2015 015

Getting the music prize in his form.

Mackenzy Graduation 2015 016

Getting the creative writing prize. He was soooooo happy.

Mackenzy Graduation 2015 030

With his Godmother and his cousin.

Mackenzy Graduation 2015 034

The nagging parents!

Mackenzy Graduation 2015 070

At the headmaster’s house for cocktails before dinner and dance.

Mackenzy Graduation 2015 075

Some of his mates.

Mackenzy Graduation 2015 074

Getting guys to take a picture is pretty much like herding cats!

Mackenzy Graduation 2015 076

Me and my Thing 4. We’re going to miss you Nick.

Mackenzy Graduation 2015 080

Mr. Madsen finally took a good one after 3 attempts… subjects weren’t easy.

Mackenzy Graduation 2015 038

Mac with Nanny and Pappy.

After Peter and I left the dance we left Mackenzy in the very capable hands of Sarah. We got them their own room at the hotel and that was a good call. It appears that his big sister took him out on the town in Sherbrooke with a bunch of people and they made it back to their room pretty late. I don’t want to know what happened that night. What happens in LennoxVegas stays there and thank goodness for that!

Sunday we emptied his dorm room and headed back to Montreal. There I started the annual process of laundry, getting uniforms set aside to take to cleaners etc….

Peter and Sarah soon left and headed for the airport. They were on their way to London. Peter to get back to work and Sarah for 9 days of R&R in London.

I stayed behind with Thing 2. Did laundry, got him ready for camp. We visited Concordia university. Both went to the dentist. Mackenzy took his boatsmart license, we went to see Jurassic World and Entourage and pretty much chilled around Montreal. It was a nice week with Mackenzy.

Sunday afternoon I drove him to his camp where he will be for the next 9 weeks working as a counselor. After a quick hug and some last-minute advice I drove back to Montreal and soon headed to airport to go back to London. It was not to be. First there was a delay, then bad weather and lastly the plane that had just flown in got hit by lightning on the way in and they had to verify everything. At 1:30 am I left Trudeau airport with my taxi vouchers in hand and headed back home to my bed.

Monday I woke up late, gave Monty one last big walk around town and just like in ground-hog day I repeated the process of checking in at the airport. While I repeated this process I inquired as to why no booze in the lounge. Turns out the airport admin person in charge had made the stupid error of not renewing the alcohol license! Moron! The new license was to take effect on Wednesday. I was two days early. Oh well, c’est la vie. I took my nyquil with a perrier instead of a sancerre and drifted off as soon as I got in my seat.

Tuesday morning when I arrived at Heathrow, Thing 1 was waiting for me with a nice large latte from Cafe Nero. Sweet! We went home, I changed into my running gear and we proceeded to run 4 miles before I drove her to the airport. That’s right, she was leaving late that afternoon. We were suppose to have a full day together but only had 6 hours…

Now I am slowly getting back into London routine. Yesterday I hosted a St-Jean Baptiste lunch for the ladies in my French Conversation group and now I am off to run many errands. Back to life in London.

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