Chilling in Bermuda


Yesterday was my first day back in a year, I think? Anyways,  after my run and breakfast at Bouchee,  Peter went to play squash and golf and I just chilled.

My chilling involved walking to the Supermart on front Street for some light coffee cream, juice, bananas and yogurt.  You know little breakfast food to start the day. It’s there that I found out two things. Supermart has Waitrose products and Bermuda now sells liquor on Sundays.  The last one is big! When we lived here for over 6 years you could not buy any type of alcohol anywhere on Sunday. We always had to plan in advance if you wanted booze for a Sunday trip to the beach or a boat outing. No problem for us, I am a big planner.  As I was paying for my breakfast items, my bottle of Pimms #1 and all the Pimms ingredients I was thinking,  Sweet!  This alone could make me move back to the Rock.

Back at the hotel I had some time to kill before heading to my good friend Lorrie’s house so I want to read by the new infinity pool. Hamilton Princess built this new infinity pool overlooking the great sound and it is absolutely gorgeous.

I must have been a littlilittle tired because it didn’t take me long to doze off. I was reading Mavis Gallant’s “Paris Stories” and two pages into her first short story I was gone.  I was woken up by some “strong” and loud male voices and the sound of lounge chairs.  When I opened my eyes I realized I was surrounded by about 8 large men speaking with British accents and pulling off their “Harlequins” team shirt over their heads and jumping in the pool. That’s right, I had just woken up, drooling,  a bit confused,  surrounded by half a team of professional Rugby players from London. (Peter had mentioned the night before that the Harlequins were in town to play some rugby). I wiped the drool off my face,  said hi to a couple of them who were right beside me and casually exited the pool.

Now that this embarrassing moment was over it was time to head over to Lorrie’s place. At Lorrie’s house we talked,  swam, and drank some Pimms. When Peter got there we had a lovely dinner on the patio,  talked some more, saw a turtle,  some fish…it was a great evening catching up with good friends.

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