Morning, Good Morning = Running in Bermuda

I am back on the Rock. Big is here on business and asked his Babe (that’s me) if I would tag along.  I said yes! Come see some friends,  maybe get a tan before Thing 2’s graduation,  it’s a win-win.

This morning I got up put on my running gear and off I went down Pitts Bay rd (we’re staying at Princess Hotel). Gotta love running in Bermuda.  Everyone you meet says “good morning, morning, hi”, much better than the very seldom head nods I get from my fellow runners in London. When I got to hospital I decided to turn around and make my way back. When I reached Corkscrew road I thought okay challenge,  I am go to go up. Halfway up I was thinking WTF what was I thinking? My legs were screaming stop! My lungs were begging for mercy and I was sweating so much from the humidity that I looked as if I just showered.  Never mind, I reached the top turned left and  “ran down de road and up de hill” and so on through town and back to the hotel.

Now we are back at hotel, chilling,  contemplating a morning swim. Got to go. Much to do today! Cheers!

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