Throwback Thursday – And Playoffs Hockey Pool

cadet review 2013 077

Already two years have passed since Sarah was Cadet commanding officer of BCS’s No. 2 Cadet Corps. 

Every year for the past 7 years either Peter or I, or both have made a pilgrimage to Lennoxville, Qc to see the kids being part of this long-standing tradition and this year is no different.

Bags are packed, boarding passes have been printed and we are off this afternoon to YUL and tomorrow morning we will go see Thing 2 perform and march with the BCS No.2 Cadet Corps band. Can’t wait to see the kids again.

cadet review 2013 092

Her name is forever on the wall.

cadet review 2013 010

Mackenzy playing the trumpet two years ago.

The Pool!

Before the playoffs started Peter received an email from Matt (one of the Minnesota Boys with whom he is in a regular season hockey pool with) to see if he wanted to enter a friendly and easy hockey pool with his family and some of the other Minnesota Boys. Just rank the 16 teams from 16 (who you think will win the Stanley Cup) to 1 (the worst team in the playoffs). Of course Peter said yes and invited me to play along. Challenge accepted! I looked at TSN stats, NHL Player stats and some reviews on-line and made my picks. Peter has his own method whatever that is, and I have mine.

After the first round of playoffs, I was in 16th place out of 26. Not bad. Peter was in 23rd!

Halfway through the second round of playoffs, (Matt sent us another report last week). I was in 11th and Peter was in 21st! Ha!

Peter had picked the Habs as his #16 team. To win it all. Sadly, the Habs lost this week and have been eliminated. I don’t know what Peter’s ranking will be when the next report comes in but it doesn’t look good for BIG.

As much as I love the Habs, I didn’t think they had stamina to make it all the way. Peter picked the Habs because he is a true fan, I on the other hand am in it to win it! Hey, there’s money and bragging rights involved, I have my eye on the prize. I picked Rangers to win the cup this year. Thank goodness they won last night against the Capitals. The peasants rejoice and I’m Alive! In order to make some moolah Chicago needs to win against the Ducks and Rangers need to beat Tampa Bay. Finally, in the end Rangers need to win it against the Blackhawks. Revenge from last year’s loss. So for the next few weeks this gal will be cheering Go Rangers Go! If the Rangers do win the Stanley Cup I think I may have to share my winnings with 10 other people in the pool but it doesn’t matter, bragging rights is all this one is about.