Elections in UK

Polling station

Well I did it! I just went to vote. My first vote in a federal election since 1997. That’s correct, I haven’t voted in a federal election since we left Canada 19 years ago.

Won’t tell you who I voted for but I will say I did not vote for Milliband and his Labour party. I was listening to the man in an interview the other night and he doesn’t sound stable. Now, this is my own personal point of view but as my Hulk often says, “He is flakier than Kellogg”. His numbers just don’t add up and with the strong possibility of losing 53 seats out of 59 to the SNP in Scotland, Labour may be in a very different position by tomorrow morning. Mr Milliband has already said he would not agree to a coalition with the SNP since that party’s plan is to break up the UK. At least, on this issue he makes sense.

Peter is now in Hong Kong. He did not get to vote. We weren’t quick enough to apply to vote by proxy. I wonder if I could have paid someone to go vote in his behalf? When I walked in the polling station all they asked me was my street name, my house number and then my name. No ID. was required. No voting card. All they did is give me a ballot, pointed me to the booth and the box. Voila! That was easy.

Now we wait for the results. I may stay up late to see what the outcome is. We’ll see.