Up on the Roof

After my run this morning I got a chance to go on the roof with my Polish contractor Bart. By the way, I also found out his name in Polish is Bartosz and his workers call him BaRté, with an emphasis on the R.

Bart took me around and showed me what they were doing. Showed me the slate tiles that cost £1.40 each. When roofing an old mews, the borough of Kensington & Chelsea requires the use of slate. The historical society wants the mews of the borough to keep the old look. It’s mandatory. He explained how they will fix the chimney to stop water from coming in and showed me what they have done with regards to the skylights in the kids’ bathrooms and the windows. Again, the windows were in bad shape but if he was to change them it would have required an inspection from an engineer of our borough. Then the windows would have had to be fabricated to order and installed. This entire process would probably add another two months to the work and be very expensive. Instead, Bart and his coworkers have been stripping, sanding and refilling them with wood filler. They are looking, almost brand new.

Some pictures I took:


The £1.40 each slate.


The roof and our chimney.


My neighbor’s chimney. What it should look like.


I believe this could be our rear neighbor’s bathroom skylight.


Our rear neighbor’s inside terrace. I am jealous. 


Most neighbors on our Mews have a terrace. I think if we got rid of one of our kids we could convert one of their rooms into a terrace…


I also found out our front door neighbors have central air. Hummmmmm.

While talking with Bart I found out our landlady has been great with regards to payment and proceeding with the work. All she asks is to keep the old style of the mews. Total cost so far, £16,600.00. Glad I am not paying it!