Throwback Thursday

Since I am leaving this afternoon for Montreal (One more time!) in order to go see Mackenzy and his mates swim at the Quebec Provincial swim meet, I thought I would post an old photo of a previous meet.

I think the two swimmers on the left have graduated but I know for a fact, the two on the right are still there. Mack is second from the right and Nick on the right.

Saturday and Sunday I will be screaming my butt off. If you are anywhere near Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, there’s a possibility you will hear, “HURRYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!”, “HARDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!”, “LEAVE IT IN THE POOL!!!!!!!!”, and lastly, “GO BEARS!!!!!!”. I am just happy to able to watch Mackenzy swim for the first time in 3 years.

mac swimming

On the homefront. Scaffolding boys are delayed…Big Surprise. If they show up before I leave I will be able to take some pictures but I think this is very unlikely. I will have to wait until my return from YUL.