Gaga for Radio

I love radio. In our house, we always have the radio on. Whether it’s talk radio or music, I like to have it on. I use my computer or my tablet and usually listen to radio stations from Montreal.

Radio Gaga

Peter took note of this and bought me a Bose Sound Touch System for my birthday. It is awesome! Not only does it play over 100,000 North American stations, as long as my computer is on I can also play my Itunes playlist. The system is managed by an app on my tablet or my phone. It’s pretty cool!

I start my day with Boston’s independent radio, The River. I used to listen to this station all the time when we lived in New Hampshire. Reminds me of Coffee House radio on XM. No commercials, great music, they always introduce new artists and feature acoustic artists and music that I enjoy.

Radio Gaga2

I leave it on during breakfast and while I go for my run. Around 10:30 am I switch to “preset” 1, 98.5 fm Montreal’s best talk radio. I listen to Arcand as I walk around the house. I get news about what is going on back home, all in French. Over the years this has helped me maintain my French while living in an anglophone world. Even if I leave the house to go run errands or meet someone I leave the radio on.

Radio Gaga3

When I start making dinner I switch to preset 6, CBC radio one Montreal and listen to Sue Smith, Peter’s cousin. She is the anchor for the Homerun show and I like to hear what the other “solitude” of Montreal thinks about the news.

Radio Gaga4

During the weekend we go back and forth between our Itunes playlist, Virgin Radio, CHOM and the Beat in Montreal as well.

Radio Gaga1

Great app, great “new toy”, love my new birthday present! Thanks Peter!

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