Throwback Thursday – Mama Did You Pray this Morning?

Another good one from our time on the rock.

Mama did you pray this morning?

There are no school buses in Bermuda so every morning I drive the kids to school. Every Thursday there are two guys standing at the traffic light before the kid’s school with a sign that says “Honk if you’ve prayed this morning”. In October of last year Mackenzy finally noticed the two religious freaks and asked me “Mama did you pray this morning?” I simply said no. Mackenzy didn’t do anything because we had already driven by the two guys. The week after, they were still standing there with their sign and we were stuck at the light. So when Mackenzy asked “Mama did you pray this morning?” and I brushed him off by saying no, he opened the window and yelled out “My mom did not pray this morning!!!!” I was embarrassed and quickly drove off when the light changed. In the coming weeks after that incident, whenever we got in the car on Thursday morning Mac would remind me to pray and I would press down the electric window button in the car making sure he would not be able to open his window and yell out something. Unlike most people who pray on Sunday, I started praying on Thursday morning and Sarah would honk the horn. I prayed for the light to stay green, I prayed for rain and I prayed that the two religious guys would get a real job and go away. My prayers never got answered. They were there in the rain. We got the red light most Thursday mornings. And they didn’t seem to get a job. I started to think GOD did not exist. School year ended, we didn’t see them all summer since we didn’t have to drive into town for 8:20. At the beginning of the school year the guys were not there. I was happy, my belief in GOD had returned and life went on.  Of course, all good things must come to an end. This morning the two religious guys were back! Mackenzy quickly asked me the dreaded question and I was fast enough to hit the window button. He still yelled out “MY MOM DID NOT PRAY THIS MORNING!!!!!” and they might have heard him but I don’t care. My guess is they lost their summer job or they came back to this corner because now that school has started it’s really busy. I don’t know why they are back, all I know is, I have to remember to keep that window button down on Thursday mornings

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