Throwback Thursday – Love Hurts

This is a post from when I started blogging back in 2007. We were in Bermuda back then. I thought I would “re share” this little anecdote since it’s throwback Thursday.

Love Hurts

Something funny happened this morning after my run with the dog. The phone rang and I ran through the house, slipped on my wet socks and because I was slipping on the marble floor, I grabbed the corner of the wall to go around the corner and get the phone. When I did that, my wedding ring got caught on the wall and ripped my skin off. Now I grabbed the phone in pain and answered a polite “Yes” but what I was really thinking was SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! It was my landlady visiting from Europe and she wanted to come by. Took me a while to realize who was on the other end of the phone because my hand was throbbing, my ears were ringing and I was seeing stars but I simply replied “yes” and hung up. Peter who was getting ready for work quickly came to see what was wrong. I told him “I need ice before this thing gets too big”. My knuckle had started swelling at this point and I couldn’t get my ring off. So he was getting on his bike to go off to work, I chuckled holding my ice pack and told him “Man love hurts”. Two hours later my knuckle was twice the size and the skin around my wedding ring was white. I decided to make my first trip to the King Edward Hospital Emergency ward. I didn’t even know where it was so I called Peter, he instructed me on how to get there and told me he would meet me there. I don’t know how the hospital works for a big trauma but it was pretty good for my situation. I filled out the paperwork with admittance. The triage nurse took my blood pressure and off I went to see the Dr. in “Small Surgery” room. The small surgery was them cutting off my wedding ring. The black Bermudian ladies kept on telling me “Oh honey, that baby has to come off. Don’t worry, he (pointing at Peter)can get you another one. ” The funny part was the cutting. They insert a little cutter with a circular blade that they manually crank. Well, they were having problems, it would seem the higher the quality of the gold the softer it is. My “10 Kt Consumers Distributing” ring took two blades to get through. My nounours may not have a lot of money but we’re solid! On the second blade while the EMT was cranking like a madman and I was holding down my finger so the blade wouldn’t cut me I jokingly called Peter “You cheap Bastard!” The EMT went outside and told everyone and they all had a good laugh. I came out of there with my finger intact, little less skin, a ring cut in half and the swelling started to come down. Afterward, Peter took me to Keith’s Kitchen, (Best Burger on the island) and asked me if I wanted another ring right away, I said nah, I don’t need another ring we’ll just get this one back together somehow.  We did. I’m still wearing the same ring, he just added some “bling” to it since then.

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