Birdman Over Boyhood

I am sitting in my kitchen, cup of coffee in hand, perusing the results from last night’s big night in Hollywood. I am surprised that Boyhood did not win a single BIG award. I am HAPPY “Birdman” got the awards it deserved. A run down of my pick and the winners.

1. Best Picture: My pick was “Birdman” (The winner) but I did think the academy was going to pick “Boyhood”.

2. Best Actor: My pick was Michael Keaton in “Birdman”, but they played it safe with Eddie Redmayne in “Theory of Everything”.

3. Best Actress: Julianne Moore “Alice”. My pick and the winner.

4. Best Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons in “Whiplash”. My pick and the Winner.

5. Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette in “Boyhood”. My pick and the Winner.

6. Best Animated Movie: I had picked “How to Train a Dragon 2”. To my big surprise The Winner was “Big Hero 6”.

7. Best Cinematography: The Winner and my pick, “Birdman”. 

8. Costume Design: My pick was “Into the Woods” the winner was “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. A little observation here. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” seem to have won many “DESIGN, MAKEUP, STYLE” awards. I am wondering if this was a tactic for the Academy to reward “The Grand Budapest Hotel” which is an excellent movie but unfortunately it came out in March 2014 and audiences who would not have gone to see it last March may be so inclined to see it now. I recommend it.

9. Directing: I had picked “Boyhood” simply because it took the director 12 years to make that movie but surprise, surprise, the Academy went for “Birdman”.

10. Best Document: My pick and the Winner, “Citizenfour”. 

11. Best Short Document: My pick and the Winner, “Crisis Hotline – Veterans Press 1”.

12. Film Editing: Again, I hap picked “Boyhood” because I can only imagined the long process of going through twelve years of film but I was proven wrong. The Winner I am happy to report “Whiplash”. I LOVE that movie!

13. Best Foreign Film: Another surprise here. I really thought “Leviathan” from Russia would win but instead the Winner is “IDA”.

14. Makeup and Hairstyling: I picked “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the Winner is “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

15. Music “Original Score”: I had heard the music from “The Theory of Everything” was amazing but again, the Academy picked “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Record that movie on your DVR or watch it next time you are on a plane.

16. Music “Original Song”: My pick and the Winner, “Glory” from the movie “Selma”.

17. Production Design: My pick, “Interstellar”, the Winner, AGAIN, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

18. Short Film: My pick and the Winner, “Feast” (I got lucky).

19. Short Film Live Action: My pick and the Winner, “The Phone Call” (Again a lucky guess). 

20. Sound Editing: My pick and the Winner, “American Sniper”. 

21. Sound Mixing: My pick and the Winner, “Whiplash”.

22. Best Visual Effects: My pick and the Winner, “Interstellar”.

23. Best Adapted Screenplay: I had picked “The Theory of Everything” but “Imitation Game” won.

24. Best Original Screenplay: My pick and the Winner, “Birdman”.

Well, out of 24 categories I picked 13 Winners. Not bad but not great. I believe “The Grand Budapest Hotel” came and screwed my party. I did not think they would win 4 awards.

I have DVRd the entire show on Sky Movie Channel. I am waiting for Miss Sarah to arrive for her reading week on Saturday morning and for Peter to come back from Asia to watch it with them. Next Saturday evening will be our Oscar night.

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