The Babes Do Sedona

Babes Do Sedona

Every year my Babes and I get together for a little R&R. A break from the kids and the husbands. This year the meeting place was Sedona. Over the last 5 days we did some yoga, some hiking, a little shopping but most of all some laughing, drinking, catching up and enjoying ourselves.

Without going into too many details (what happens with the Babes stays with the Babes), I will try to the best of my ability to tell you about our getaway.

Friday night we met at the Phoenix airport, picked up our rental and drove off into the darkness to Sedona Siesta, the lovely house we rented for our holiday.

Saturday was getting our bearings day. We bought groceries, found the Red Rock Cafe where we had breakfast/brunch almost every day. We did some shopping and we booked our Pink Jeep tour. After all that we retreated to the house for some catching up and some wine “tasting” in the spa. I think we managed to go out for dinner at some point??…yes, we found a little Mexican dinner on route 89A. Good food! After a quick dinner we went back to the house and decided to call it a day. I was still overcoming jet lag.

Sunday morning we decided to do an early morning hike before breakfast. We set out for Bell Rock. Beautiful morning, great vistas. I met a couple of Weimaraners and was hit by the vortex. After all this, we needed food. Off we went to the Red Rock cafe to visit our favorite waitress Lisa. After some good food we went next door to the IGA. Nicki needed more Prosecco. Her Babes had drunk all her good stuff the day before. In the afternoon we had a Pink Jeep tour scheduled at 3 pm. We did the Broken Arrow and Scenic Rim tour. This was my second Pink Jeep tour and it did not disappoint. If you ever go to Sedona, it’s a must. Don’t use any other outfit but the Pink Jeep tour. Our guide was great, lots of fun, lots of laughs and great pictures.

DSC_1825               DSC_1881

DSC_1894 DSC_1896 DSC_1897

After all that driving on boulders and explicit language we decided to grab some prickly pear margaritas at the Cowboy Cafe. We also ordered dinner and of course Nicki had to ask our waiter if he had been in the movie Magic Mike. Poor cowboy John, major laughs and innuendos ensued but I will spare you the graphic details. Great day with the Babes!

Monday morning we had a date with Yogi Blair. You read correctly, Yogi Blair. No, we did not find Booboo and we did all the yogi bear jokes we could think of before we got out of our rental to meet Yogi Blair. We also made a pact not to swear or laugh too hard. Honestly, the morning consisted of a nice hike with Blair. Some yoga and meditation overlooking Sedona and another hike down the mountain at then end of the session. On the way down we made a stop to talk some more and Yogi Blair brought out some essential oils…all I will say is that when we finally left Blair and climbed into our rental car, we couldn’t stop talking about the fact that we smelled like roasted chicken. We all felt a little zen and decided to have lunch at the Chocolate tree, an organic/vegetarian restaurant. We had a good meal and went back to Sedona siesta for more R&R.


Tuesday was all about hiking. It was our last day in Sedona and we wanted to make the most of it. First thing in the morning we climbed Cathedral Rock. Short but steep hike. Well worth it! The views are breathtaking, especially on a clear day such as ours.

DSC_2012 DSC_2016

When we came down the rock we decided to go pay Lisa at the Red Rock Cafe one last visit. After brunch we drove to Devil’s Bridge trail. All I can say, WOW! The hike, the views, the bridge. Fantastic!

DSC_2040 DSC_2054 DSC_2065

After all this hiking we had to go back to our adobe and finish off our wine. One last afternoon basking in the sun and drinking wine in the spa. For our last evening we decided to go to Cafe Elote for dinner. OMG! Best Mexican food I have ever had. If there were Michelin stars in the US this would have to be a one star Michelin restaurant. If you ever go to Sedona, go, get your name on the list, it may take over an hour to get in but it’s well worth the wait. Grab a cucumber margarita a bowl of popcorn and wait on the patio while chilling. Order the Elote as an appetizer, and whatever else you feel like for your main course. The food is amazing and you won’t regret it.

I spent the day yesterday making my way back to the UK.

I am presently doing some laundry. Have to pack tonight. Heading to see the northern lights this weekend with Peter. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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