Think Madmen Offices but in the Future

walkie-talkie sign

Every once in a while, such as tonight, Peter works late. I meet him for dinner, we eat a quick chow close to his office and I come back home.

Tonight was the first time I was meeting him at his new office. He was able to get me in the building in order to see the new digs. One word to describe the building, WOW! or should I say Gorgeous?

The offices on the 18th and 19th floor of the brand new Walkie-Talkie building are amazing. For those of you who watch Madmen, envision the open concept of Madmen but with the 360 degree views of the City of London. It is very cool. The other cool thing is the open staircase in the middle of the floor to go back and forth between the 18th and 19th floor. Let me show you some pictures I managed to take.

walkie-talkie elevator panel

First, after getting your authorized entry card from the front desk security you have access to a computerized panel to select your floor. As soon as you select your floor you get this panel in the “lift” indicating what will be your next stop.

Once we arrived on the 19th floor Peter showed me the different areas.

walkie-talkie Bermuda conference room

Each conference rooms is named after a part of the world where Allied World has an office. This is the Bermuda conference room. There’s one for Singapore, Dublin, Farmington, NYC, Toronto etc… I will be working on getting one that says “Montreal!”

All the desks are open concept like in Madmen but you have little areas such as this break room.

walkie-talkie lunch room

And this little area for the brokers to meet. Notice the bar…

walkie-talkie meeting area

And this pretty cool area where underwriters bring clients.

walkie-talkie meeting area underwriters

I am told there’s a full-time barista behind that bar….I would never leave work!

Then you find these little cubes all over the place where you and your friends can go do some office gossip.

walkie-talkie cubby

As you can see, someone was wrapping Xmas gifts before the break.

In the London conference room you will also find the video conference set up. Pretty impressive. Can’t imagine seeing Peter on a 50″ TV. Let’s hope they never see him in his Bruce Banner to Hulk phase…(tearing his shirt, turning green…I only get to see that!)

walkie-talkie video conference room

Most importantly, especially at night, the views you see from this office.

walkie-talkie tower bridge

walkie-talkie views

walkie-talkie view of Shard

I never got to see the inside of the office at the Gherkin. All I ever heard about it was that it was tight, too many people. I can honestly say, in this one, they are not on top of each other and it’s pretty amazing.