The Walkie Talkie

Peter’s office has recently moved from the iconic Gherkin building to the new Walkie Talkie building. The new building at 20 Fenchurch street is called the Walkie Talkie because of its shape.


This is also the building that melted a car and some bicycles last summer. The car was left in front of the building on a sunny day and the reflection of the sun on the windows melted a car.


“Now the Walkie Talkie building is melting BICYCLES: Dazzling light reflected from giant London skyscraper scorches bike seats (and you can even fry an egg)”
“Walkie Scorchie’ engineers put scaffolding up covered in sheets along London street to stop sun’s rays reflected off skyscraper from starting fires.”

But the reason why I am writing about it is that lately the building is getting some positive news mostly from its Sky Garden. Aside from being a “scorching” building, the walkie-talkie also has a Sky Garden. Today the doors open to the public garden that sits on the rooftop of the building. It boasts restaurants, bars and a public park. I read review about it yesterday on my flight back from Montreal in the BA Highlife magazine and this morning there’s a small article about it on the front page of the City A.M..

This means one thing, I will soon have to go for lunch with Peter. I will have to go check this park and its views of the city.

sky garden

sky garden1