Motorcycling Santas

Christmas Santas3

I was walking in Chelsea, minding my own business (as you do in Chelsea. Everyone is so serious and pompous) when I came upon lots of Santas on motorcycles. They were driving into the Royal Brompton Hospital in front of St Luke’s Parish Church. I arrived in front of the parking lot just as they were all pulling in. Pretty impressive to see approximately 300 Santas on motorcycles. I asked three Santas that were already parked what the heck was going on. They explained they do this every year. There are about 300 of them and they get sponsored by “Ace Café”, collect toys from various charities and deliver them to three different hospitals for sick kids. They also said not every Santa enters each hospitals, they don’t want to scare the children before the holiday season!

It was very cool to see this. It put a huge smile on my face. I thought it was great and I took lots of pictures.

Christmas Santas2

Christmas Santas

Christmas Santas1

This lady was a Christmas tree. She had the treetop on her helmet. Very cool!

Christmas Santas6

Christmas Santas5

Christmas Santas4

Peter, I noticed that some of them had scooters…if only we still had ours…hummm there’s always next year.

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