Another Job I Am Great At

As a stay at home mom of two who are in another country, one of my important job skills is traveling agent. Over the years I have become quite a pro at it. I manage flights, air miles accounts, coordinate dates for holidays, concerts, end of school, start of school etc….if there is a time my kids or my husband and I have to be somewhere for something, I plan it and get it done.

Back in 2001 my husband and I bought a timeshare. Most people think, timeshare is a waste of money but in our case it’s been quite good. Our home base is the Pollard Brook Resort in Lincoln, NH but we have never been there. Instead we have transferred our week to other resorts and have skied in other places such as Lake Tahoe (twice), Banff, and Austria. We have used it to go to Disney 3 or 4 times and also Sedona, AZ. For us it’s been a good investment but I can tell you from experience it takes time and energy to look into resorts, put in a request, and call people to bug them about getting the week you want and the facility you want. Great news! Yesterday I found out that my latest harassing has paid off.


And the winner is, Turin, Italy. That’s right, the first week of March, Peter, Sarah and I will be skiing on the slopes of Sestriere in Turin and we will be sleeping in the Villagio Olimpico at the foot of the mountain.


Last night Peter and I started to look at flights and we can actually get a BA flight, in business class for the 3 of us a return ticket non-stop from Gatwick to Turin is £810. For the three of us in business class!!! I couldn’t believe it. I pay that for myself alone to go to Montreal in economy most times. I plan to phone Sarah today in order to find out exactly her March break details and I may make another booking with BA.

I am so psyched I have already sent emails requesting ski maps, resort info etc….

Next step, brush up on my Italian. Ciao!

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