Thing 1 and the Dishwasher

3 pm, I come out of a lovely CWC (Canadian Women Club) Christmas luncheon and my 19 year old genius sends me this picture with the caption that starts with the word “F”. And then she asks “what do I do?”


Now, we don’t have a janitor in the building. We have maintenance people who take care of the building and I am sure if there was a huge pipe that would burst somewhere they would know who to call but they don’t really do house calls. I told her to ask that person what to do.

In the meantime I called Peter and he said “it’s probably full of food. Tell her to clean the bottom, you know how she is”. I sent her a message back and asked her to check the dishwasher itself.

Thing 1 has a tendency to put the dishes in the dishwasher without rinsing or well, with food really. Every time I visit, there’s an inch of water in the bottom of the thing because it’s clogged with food and the poor suffocating appliance can’t breath…. 

I instructed her to look at the bottom and see if there was anything blocking the dishwasher. Apparently spinach may have been the cause. 

I am told the floor has been mopped up and it’s all clean. There’s still water in the bottom of the dishwasher but she will deal with it after she comes back from school. 

I have a feeling the dishes will be hand washed until I get there Friday night and I will have to fish out whatever is clogging the dishwasher. I just hope she has wine for this operation, I will need it.

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